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Innosuisse Flagship Project Proposal

31. Jan. 2023

We are preparing a project proposal. If you are interested to participate, the lead is FHNW, Christian Abshagen:

You might have heard of the new “Innosuisse Flagship call – strive for systemic innovation”, where this year’s topic is: Disruptive solutions for the transition towards a net zero world. This is an excellent opportunity to develop tangible and innovative projects with the support of research partners from Switzerland. We have been really proactive and are happy to announce that the School of Life Sciences (FHNW) will coordinate a pre-proposal by 31 January 2023.


The proposal aims to Identify and co-develop innovative solutions that can contribute to reach the vision “Circular for Net-zero in Life Science 2030”.


If you are interested to participate with concrete contribution, please already contact Christian Abshagen who is leading this initiative

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